Tentative plans are in the making to go watch/participate in the ...

This August at the Westin Harborfront in Toronto, Cananda. We will have more information when it gets closer. This is a world class event with dancers coming from all over the globe. You won't want to miss this one if you want to see some spectacular dancing!


Come join us on Sunday evening from 6 'til 8pm and enjoy good dancing in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We play all kinds of music from Foxtrots to Quicksteps; from Cha-Chas to Swings and Hustles. It's your chance to get out on the floor and meet new people, practice what you might be learning, or maybe even show off your newly aquired steps. It's only $5pp, so come join us and kick up those heals!

*Note: In order to make it easier on everyone who is travelling, our Social Dances will be held once a month on the last Sunday of the month.

January 30th     •     February 27th     •     March 27th     •     April 24th

May 29th     •     June 26th     •     July 31st     •     August 28th

September 25th     •     October 23rd*     •     November 27th     •     December 18th*

Mark them on your calendar now so you don't miss it! It will be a whole month before it come around again!



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